Golf Groups

The Men’s Senior Group is composed of approximately 160 men age 50+ who play home and away events up and down the peninsula from The Olympic Club to courses in the Monterey area. In 2017 there were about 20 events scheduled.

The Ladies Groups are stratified into 18 Hole, 9 Hole and 2 Hole groups to allow ladies of different skill levels and varying availability to enjoy golf at the appropriate level. Each group is given a specific exclusive course day and time slot to allow play without the pressure of other golfers of different abilities.

There are also men’s and ladies Golf Teams for those players who desire a more competitive experience.

Our Junior golf program, offered in the summer months, is a great way to introduce youngsters to the game of golf. In this program developing friendships, etiquette, swing fundamentals and fun are all on the agenda to encourage kids of all abilities. There is also a Jr. Golf Team to facilitate the competitive desires of our younger players.


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