Much of the acreage now known as the Almaden Golf and Country Club was originally owned by a Mr. Gene Allen who raised horses and had an exercise track in the area of the present 4th fairway. In 1954, he and Mr. "Pike" Ross formed a corporation known as the Almaden Development Co. to build a golf course on this property. They did much of the grading of the golf course with their own equipment as well as the framing of the original clubhouse. They built dams across two depressions, impounding the water behind these dams, and ran water lines to water the golf course. The course opened for play on April 4, 1956. After a long hot summer and management problems, they sold the golf course to a group headed by Dr. Sol Leider on November 2, 1956. This group immediately took steps to upgrade the existing facilities and also purchased additional property. Dr. Lieder died in the spring of 1957 and so, on November 2, 1957, exactly one year after his purchase of the property, the golf course was sold to the LaSalle Corporation and became known as "Del Webb's Country Club", under the very capable guidance of Mr. Bernard R. Gillis, Project Manager. In 1962 two tennis courts were constructed and the swimming pool complex was built in 1963. After many changes and improvements, the "Members Only" format was established which increased interest in a member-owned private golf and country club. On June 2, 1969, four hundred members purchased the Almaden Country Club and the property became the Almaden Golf and Country Club.


Almaden Golf and Country Club today is acclaimed for its terrific golf course that has hosted many PGA and LPGA tournaments throughout its more than 47 year history. Today, it is know as a wholesome family club that provides varied and engaging activities for both adults and children. Although it began as a close knit neighborhood public course in the mid-fifties, over the years it has been transformed into the premier proprietary golf course in Santa Clara County. Its advantages are many which include: an outstanding course layout and large driving range for all players of all skill levels. The Club has 2 newly refurbished tennis courts and offers a variety of tennis programs which include private and group lessons and cardio tennis. Next to the clubhouse is a large swimming pool with diving board to accommodate our swim team, The Gators, and other water fitness programs. The clubhouse has recently undergone a complete renovation resulting in a brand new 34,000 square feet facility which includes an expansive patio-deck which provides a spectacular view of the 1st, 9th and 18th fairways with a view of the majestic Santa Cruz mountains and Mt. Umunhum in the distance. Members and guests enjoy a myriad of club functions including wine tastings, Bingo nights, a rich calendar of Golf events and family dinners which take advantage of the chef’s diverse and delicious food selections. The club is well known for its socialization and welcoming atmosphere for all who participate. Visitors are most welcome to come and view the club and all the amenities it can provide. To learn more about membership options please visit the Membership Tab on this web-site.


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